Gananoque Cemetery is a beautiful maintained resting place steeped in history.  We are the only cemetery that originally only had access from the railway line that ran through the back of the property.  Caskets were loaded on the rail car and taken to Gananoque Cemetery.  As such, families could purchase a return ticket from the town to the cemetery and back.  They would come for burials and for visiting, decorating the grave, and maintaining the grounds.  Because of this unusual access, Gananoque Cemetery is in the Guinness Book of World Records.   The cemetery house which sits at the entrance to the cemetery was moved to its current spot in the 1950’s.  Prior to that, it was located at the back of the cemetery next to the railway line. Loved ones from Gananoque, Lansdowne, and surrounding areas are interred in Gananoque Cemetery with connections all over the globe. The main access now off of Hwy 32, as the rail line is no longer used.

As Board members, we pride ourselves on maintaining these historic grounds and serving our families with respect and dignity.   Please keep Gananoque Cemetery in your thoughts when estate planning, so we can forever keep your resting place maintained.