By-Laws & Regulations

Gananoque Cemetery Rules and Regulation adopted 1984. Click the link or download button to review.


  1. Administration
  2. Rules and Regulations
  3. Interments
  4. Care of Lots
  5. Monuments and Markers
  6. Installation of Monuments, Markers, Footstones
  7. Appendix #2 Pricing
  8. Newly Designated Pet Burials
  9. Volunteer Board Members


The administration of the Gananoque Cemetery complies with the statutes of the Cemeteries Act of the Province of Ontario.

  1. In September of each year, the Board, from its membership, shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Manager of the Cemetery, and Board members
  2. A Cemetery Manager is appointed to oversee the Superintendent and other paid employees.
  3. Perpetual care funds collected by the Cemetery Company as part of the purchase price of lots, subdivision of lots, or niches shall be forwarded to its trust company for safe-keeping and invested as described in the Statues of the Cemeteries Act of the Province of Ontario.
  4. The Treasurer shall, at the first meeting held subsequent to the approval of the financial statement each year, present a detailed financial statement covering the operations of the previous year.
  5. The Cemetery Manager shall be the contact medium between the Board and the employees. The Superintendent, hired by the Board for seasonal everyday maintenance, shall be the contact for the lot owners and general public. The Cemetery manager shall keep a register of the lots sold, record requisite for interments and for other Cemetery service. The Manager shall also keep time sheets and make computations of wages payable to employees and perform such other duties as the Board may direct.
  6. Employees in the Cemetery are required to be courteous towards lot owners and other visitors. Failure in this regard should be reported to the the Cemetery Manager immediately.
  7. Employees are to notify the Cemetery Manager or Treasurer if any lot owners provide gratuities or donations in cash or any other form.
  8. The sale and transfer of lots is made subject to the conditions imposed by these regulations and to any amendment thereto which may hereafter be prescribed by the Board subject only to provincial Government enactment or regulations.
  9. Upon the death of a lot owner, the Board will recognize the change in ownership of the lot affected to a relative through bequest in a probated will. Where any owner dies intestate, or no disposal of the Cemetery lot is made in a will, the Board will, subject to judicial or legislative authority, recognize as the rightful owner the person or persons acquiring the residue of the deceased owner’s estate.
  10. Regulations prescribed by the Board shall remain in force until amended and any amendment or revision may be made by a majority vote at any regular or specially held meeting of the Board.
  11. The schedule of service charges as adopted by the Board and any amendment thereof shall be deemed an integral part of the Regulations of the Board. See Appendix #2
  12. Overdue accounts may be subject to interest charges (relative to the existing bank rate at the time of death of lot owner) or unpaid balances.
  13. A copy of these regulations shall be made available free of chare to all lot owners.

Rules and Regulations:

Purchase of Lots:

  1. Lots, subdivision of lots and single graves for human burial purposes or cremation are to the purchased from the Cemetery for cash as determined from time to time.